Daemon Tales

We are advertising a new anthology called ‘Daemon Tales’ All are welcome to contribute to this latest Proper Writes project. The concept is outlined below. Send all your contributions to pwl.wordpress@gmail.com
Anthologies will be published on our website:https://properwritesleuven.wordpress.com

Deadline for submissions is the 21st of December 2015!


Inspired by the prose of Clark Ashton Smith (found below), each writer takes up the mantle of the ‘Daemon’ a creature of ageless wisdom, and unfathomable darkness. It is a collector of tales: stories of valor and heroic deeds, breathless beauty and poetry that has lulled stars to embers and worlds to ash. It has been asked to tell a story coming from a world beyond the world, a story alien in its origination and captivating in its content. And in its endless caprice it has decided to tell that story…

Or rather, you have! You are that Daemon. What story will you tell?

Any story at all is allowed – the only condition is that it originates in another world, another dimension, another time, another state of existence. What narrative thread will you pluck from amidst the multiverse of possibility?

To the Daemon: Clark Ashton Smith

“Tell me many tales, O benign maleficent daemon, but tell me none that I have ever heard or have even dreamt of otherwise than obscurely or infrequently. Nay, tell me not of anything that lies between the bourns of time or the limits of space: for I am a little weary of all recorded years and charted lands; and the isles that are westward of Cathay, and the sunset realms of Ind, are not remote enough to be made the abiding-place of my conceptions; and Atlantis is over-new for my thoughts to sojourn there, and Mu itself has gazed upon the sun in aeons that are too recent,

Tell me many tales, but let them be of things that are past the lore of legend and of which there are no myths in our world or any world adjoining. Tell me, if you will, of the years when the moon was young, with siren-rippled seas and mountains that were zoned with flowers from base to summit; tell me of the planets gray with eld, of the worlds whereon no mortal astronomer has ever looked, and whose mystic heavens and horizons have given pause to visionaries. Tell me of the vaster blossoms within whose cradling chalices a woman could sleep; of the seas of fire that beat on strands of ever-during ice; of perfumes that can give eternal slumber in a breath; of eyeless titans that dwell in Uranus, and beings that wander in the green light of the twin suns of azure and orange. Tell me tales of inconceivable fear and unimaginable love, in orbs whereto our sun is a nameless star, or unto which its rays have never reached.”

Illustration by Eline Van Steenkiste


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