By Alexandria Somirs

Far beyond this land of sameness

There are shades of magic deeper than the bluest sea

Lighter than the most invisible snow

Music of nightly figures whisper chants of love and joy

Carrying you through the secret veil of worlds unknown

Take this path I say, take it now before it’s too late

Let thoughts of helium bubble through your skin

Stories of past heroes and wizards hold true to those who believe

Walk this journey with me; I’ll take you to the warmest pillow of dreams

Where imagination brings forth new tales to be heard,

Layers of homes to unfold through long, unsteady stairs

Moon spirits to be salted by broken hearted tears

Starlighted souls in need of lyric and dance to shine through this pool of sand

Myths to be awoken by your fragrance of your song-hearted taste

Say onto me, you’d leap on this isle of knobs and edges

Cornering fate in itself and love onto you

Slaying anger and sadness into dungeons of forgetfulness  

Let’s jump from edge and corner to the next ship of unbordem

Tie a string on the trunk below and see how far you’d go before letting go

Ask the enchantress to scribe sails of feathers to pull those lyrics into ink

But be wary of shadows and tricksters who’ll sneak in your shoes

They’ll worm up to your eyes leaving you blind to those starlighted souls

Let them instead be wary of you and send them to the swamps of the troll king

Tip toe now be ever so still and let bring the wanderers who seek the unsailed

Those who brave a story of salty hues will whip up clouds of unspeakable shades.

Come, I say onto ye, wait not for dawn to rise or for the moon to cry.

Let us kindle that firewood and shape it in its hues of untamed wings.

Illustration by unknown 


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