Shadows in the Light

By Alexandria Somirs 

Inner peace where are you?

I look in and I look out,

but nowhere I find you in sight. Read More


The Blue Flame

By Callum Dawson 

Throw idols on the flame,

Every sacred sacrifice

Gives back its unspoken name,

Blue tongues of dreaming fire

Grow bright with marble faces

and golden veins,

fed to its heart.

Melt down mjolnir,

Surrender the thunder lust

to this blue flame,

so that our stories will be told again.

Photo by Alexandria Somirs

A Blushing Performance

By Alexandria Somirs 

Yellow sets to midnight blue,
Not long after appears the moon,
Not white, nor yellow
But red as a flaming symphony cello.
With one stroke of a minute hand bow,
this cello moon changes her chord,
Her sweet, full face,
slims down to an elderly taste,
until her corpse smile,
withers down to nothing worthwhile.
Peaking in her major symphony,
Cello melody cools into harmony
As her cresent corpse
returns once more,
to something whole.
from her musical act,
Her earthly playgoers,
both four – footed and child
become wild growers,
Of emotion non-lacking.

Photo by Alexandria Somirs

Lone Wolf

By Amedeus Somirs

Into the darkness he ran,

endlessly running,

Chasing a fire he once knew.

Running by night,

Sleeping by day,

Using his senses,

Trusting his instinct,

Driven by faith.

Never stopping

Till he finds what he is looking for.

Into the darkness,

fearlessly he ran.

Painting by Amedeus Somirs