The Way Back Home

By Amedeus Somirs

Watching the yellow-orange bangs sweep past me overhead, all along walking away from the fire in the sky.

Ahead….lay paths and ways yet to be unveiled, the further I go the darker it gets, as the sun sinks beneath the horizon.

Still curious,…I decide to go on.

Fields on the right of me and vineyards on the left of me, and up ahead hang overhead wires between metal monsters. As I pass underneath them, I pause for a moment and hear a loud buzzing sound, as if …to warn me to move along and not stay for too long…and so I go on.

What I was looking for was a sign or a street to tell me where I was and how far I had gone. On top a hill, just a bit further down the country road, I could see in the distance, lights from a distant village. Intrigued of what may lay there I went on into the ever darker path ahead. Finally I came to a crossroads and on the sign it said the name of the village.


I turned back and to my amazement there was still light in the sky. With my two faithful companions at hand we went back,…direction home. Daytime grew smaller and smaller as I stood watching the last of the daylight drain from the sky. Meanwhile, behind me more and more twinkling gems where unveiling themselves from the darkening heavens. Almost home, and the only light now that shines down from above is that of a sliver of moon,…

just bright enough to give me a shadow.


Photo by Alexandria Somirs


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