The Name of the Drug

By Katelynne Davis

No longer the dealer’s face and tongue, but
his pockets full of hands.
No longer his hands,
the delicate wrists, the fingers I could turn eternally, but
his pockets.
No longer his pockets, turned eternally inside out, but
their contents
No longer content
with their contents, but
their insides
turned eternally
of his hands.

Photo by Katelynne Davis

It Changed My Life a Little

By Issac Sullivan 

ephemeral wave
came and went quickly
thinkin’ ‘bout it still


followin the schedule
trusting the rhythm we’re in
till a wave took me


landed again soon
still feel the cloudy residue
eternal time too


now I see Earth build
humanity into it
not the other way


thought came with the wave
right on Earth to Earth live live
so needed the life

Photo by Alexandria Somirs