Cats, They’ll Watch You

By Isaac Sullivan

Cats, They’ll Watch You

and this cat came around pretty often
sometimes I saw it from a distance
and I’m pretty sure likewise for the cat seeing me

13346274_1053130208111957_6097064768526313120_oin the back garden where I was living
I’d be playing guitar in the sun and it’d hang, thought it was cool I guess
or I’d be smoking a smoke at night and all of the sudden –
I’d look over and see it sitting there watching me

like I’d even have headphones on, totally in my own world
kinda moving around listening to Like a Rolling Stone
the live version on Self Portrait
you know – shaking my head side to side
dancing, not caring that much about the cat
and it’d stealth its way out, again I’d notice it, looking at me

in the end I wouldn’t know what the hell it thought about who I was
I couldn’t stop everything I was doing
I just had to carry on
I just had to go my own way when the time’d come

Illustration by Sofia Nikitaki


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