Daemon Tales Anthology Publication

Take a read into our Daemon Tales anthology and let your imagination soar!


Illustration above by Eline Van Steenkiste



Notes from Summer

By Alexandria Somirs

Shades of sunsets,
Melt into Summer’s sweats.
Pockets full of Summer’s breeze,
Hesitate to lull sweet Spring to ease.
Lightning smiles at midnight’s cloak.
Shines brighter than the evening star.
Thunder last to laugh at the joke,
Hums his tune 5 seconds too far.

Illustration by Anya Pylypchuk

Erhu Guy

By Katelynne Davis

“It hurts my feet less to be here. I think it may be because this was all marsh, once. Used to be part of the ocean, and it’s still there a little bit. I can hear it, feel it singing to me through the streets. I’m lucky in that respect, I guess.”

She was sitting on the bench provided for tired commuters to wait for their appropriate Green Line train. Her shoes stood together, a faithful pair, just underneath. A drum half shrugged its bag and leaned moodly against the sign depicting a strange cepholopidic creature with red, green, orange and blue appendages.

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The Round Bodies

By Jenni Bisset

My job is not what you’d expect. My name is Poppy Danther and I’ve helped fourteen people lose weight. I wouldn’t call myself an amateur in this profession. So how did I get this job and how does it work? Really, you’d have to ask my diaries that.

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By Fabiano Soares

I was born in 1929 in Dresden,

As I grew older, my parents were rebuilding the country

Next to millions of others survivors and migrants

Skins of all shades, religions of all liturgies…

And we use to hear on the radio:


– We need to save our nation – they said.

– We need to clean our nation. – And that sounded so right.

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Weary Wings

By Amedeus Somirs

Crossing seas of opportunities,

Stride by stride making our way through.

Looking down into the abyss…

Uncertain where to go.

Feeling tempted to go further,

While lost memories from distant past,

Want to keep you,

Hold you back.

Your heart beats strong and bold,

Reminding you to keep a hold.

Don’t you worry, don’t you fear.

For anywhere you may be,

No matter how far or near,

You’ll always find your way back home.

You’ve felt it

Just how free,

Freedom really feels.

Don’t feel weary of the wind

Beneath your wings.

Trust the way it flows,

You’ll discover so much more.

Keep you head held high,

Reaching for the sky.

Nothing can stop you now,

So don’t come crashing,




Photo by Alexandria Somirs


Material Phase

Illustration by Sofia Nikitaki

By Alexandria Somirs

Things of a feather are flighty and proud,

Things of cement stay on top and below,

Both things are needed to un-haze all clouds.

Faith goes much deeper than what it sows,

Illusion shrouds our own artsy reflection.

Seeking balance,

Needing balance,

Our faithful cement needs our doubtful – hope.

Our human reflection needs our faithful sense

We wash ourselves with material soap,

Un-scraping the dirt from our lashy lens.

Seeking love,

Needing love,

A heart unchecked is a heart unbroken,

But happiness is more than just endless,

For happy to be, bitter must be spoken.

For as soon as feelings collide,

They’ll leave you breathless inside.

Seeking patience,

Needing patience,

Chasing desires on material roads,

Will bring about our spiritual foes.

Instead rest awhile in dark alleyways,

And sing yourself out of your material phase.