By George Sardis

“If you really believe in something, you can make it real!”

Johnnie’s grandmother used to say that to him. This was actually one of his first memories. He remembers playing at the backyard of his family’s suburban house. It used to be his battlefield, where he chased dragons and other imaginary beasts, his safe haven, where he could hide from the horrors that spooked him at nights, his pirate cove, where he could be an adventurer of the sea, despite the fact that there was no sea around for a few hundred miles. Read More

The Blue Flame

By Callum Dawson 

Throw idols on the flame,

Every sacred sacrifice

Gives back its unspoken name,

Blue tongues of dreaming fire

Grow bright with marble faces

and golden veins,

fed to its heart.

Melt down mjolnir,

Surrender the thunder lust

to this blue flame,

so that our stories will be told again.

Photo by Alexandria Somirs

Lone Wolf

By Amedeus Somirs

Into the darkness he ran,

endlessly running,

Chasing a fire he once knew.

Running by night,

Sleeping by day,

Using his senses,

Trusting his instinct,

Driven by faith.

Never stopping

Till he finds what he is looking for.

Into the darkness,

fearlessly he ran.

Painting by Amedeus Somirs