The Lover and the Moon

By Callum Dawson 

There once was a woman who fell in love with the moon.

So besotted was she that every night she begged the moon to come closer and plant a kiss upon her lips. But the moon refused, turning its cratered face away from the woman.

Eventually however, the woman’s unrequited love became so loud and so frantic, that the moon decided to lean closer and kiss the woman so that he might silence her demands.

And silence her he did, for the movement of the moon beyond its allotted circumference caused such apocalyptic tidal upheaval that the woman drowned in an instant.

And the moon pulled back, a little embarrassed.

Photo by Alexandria Somirs


Burning Heart

By B.T. Cuzner

By writ, by rune, by hollow heart, with soul and blood.
I cast now with all intent and pour myself into my art.

Spellwork, magick, writhing power.
Forged and gathered in hand.
Feel my spirit.
See my resolve.
Taste and be devoured.

Come, hear the magick ring across the plains
The brush of air.
The heat of flame.
Deep dread coursing in your veins.

Thunderous echo quaking.
Rushing waters recede and then…
Death becomes you at the touch of my hand.

Photo by Alexandria Somirs

The Blue Flame

By Callum Dawson 

Throw idols on the flame,

Every sacred sacrifice

Gives back its unspoken name,

Blue tongues of dreaming fire

Grow bright with marble faces

and golden veins,

fed to its heart.

Melt down mjolnir,

Surrender the thunder lust

to this blue flame,

so that our stories will be told again.

Photo by Alexandria Somirs

Particles of feelings

By Irina Diacenco

A dark night with no stars, half a strawberry, a glass of milk after a day of alcohol intake, a cigarette on a rooftop at dawn…I wake up with the first rays of sunshine and as much as I love the brightness outside I just want to hide, pull the curtains and enjoy my darkness, fly and dream about an infinite journey through the sky with the devil. I taste the bitter flavours of dust that cover the shapes I want to touch. The more I have the more I want, I swallow the ice in pieces of frozen fruits and my only desire is to fill myself with the merging colours of emotions and feelings.

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