Daemon Tales Anthology Publication

Take a read into our Daemon Tales anthology and let your imagination soar!


Illustration above by Eline Van Steenkiste



Erhu Guy

By Katelynne Davis

“It hurts my feet less to be here. I think it may be because this was all marsh, once. Used to be part of the ocean, and it’s still there a little bit. I can hear it, feel it singing to me through the streets. I’m lucky in that respect, I guess.”

She was sitting on the bench provided for tired commuters to wait for their appropriate Green Line train. Her shoes stood together, a faithful pair, just underneath. A drum half shrugged its bag and leaned moodly against the sign depicting a strange cepholopidic creature with red, green, orange and blue appendages.

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Burning Heart

By B.T. Cuzner

By writ, by rune, by hollow heart, with soul and blood.
I cast now with all intent and pour myself into my art.

Spellwork, magick, writhing power.
Forged and gathered in hand.
Feel my spirit.
See my resolve.
Taste and be devoured.

Come, hear the magick ring across the plains
The brush of air.
The heat of flame.
Deep dread coursing in your veins.

Thunderous echo quaking.
Rushing waters recede and then…
Death becomes you at the touch of my hand.

Photo by Alexandria Somirs

Unusual Fairytale, Origin Unknown

By Katelynne Davis Shimkus

Haroun Shimkus, 34 y.o. male. GPS Image Analyst. Expat, 3rd generation. 12 October 2014. 17:57-19:39 CET. Berlin, Germany. English.

Every year before she passed, my grandmother would take me to the island of museums in the capital city. Each year we’d pick a new one to discover, but the other was a constant. The Pergamon never became smaller even as I grew up, and my favorite part never wavered from the small, mirrored, intricately designed Aleppo Room. It was here my grandmother would sigh, or straighten, or sit in the years we found a chair abandoned there, and she would tell me a story I never heard outside those red walls. It hardly ever changed; I’ll try to tell it as best I can. Read More