Daemon Tales Anthology Publication

Take a read into our Daemon Tales anthology and let your imagination soar!


Illustration above by Eline Van Steenkiste



The Change (Cambiarse)

By Sara Rich 

Inspired by true events, as reported to AP by Olga R. Rodriguez, January 7, 2013 at 11:50pm ET, from Mexico City.

That first night, Maria took her dog to the park on top the hill. It was a new moon, and the sky to the east was black. To the west, the sun was almost done setting behind a few thick clouds. Maria and Chucho walked up the hill where there was an open field. Families liked to picnic there in the summers, before it got too hot in the afternoons. The young couples liked to come up there late at night and grope each other. That time of night though, the air was cooler and the park was usually empty. Too late for picnics and too early for fooling around.

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Burning Heart

By B.T. Cuzner

By writ, by rune, by hollow heart, with soul and blood.
I cast now with all intent and pour myself into my art.

Spellwork, magick, writhing power.
Forged and gathered in hand.
Feel my spirit.
See my resolve.
Taste and be devoured.

Come, hear the magick ring across the plains
The brush of air.
The heat of flame.
Deep dread coursing in your veins.

Thunderous echo quaking.
Rushing waters recede and then…
Death becomes you at the touch of my hand.

Photo by Alexandria Somirs