The Scarecrow

By Callum Dawson 

There once was an idiot who thought he was a scarecrow.

This was due to his upbringing. He had been born in a cabbage patch, and raised in a field. His clothes were ragged and his head was empty as a carven pumpkin. I am a scarecrow, the idiot would think to himself every morning and every evening, confident of his place in the world.

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The Lover and the Moon

By Callum Dawson 

There once was a woman who fell in love with the moon.

So besotted was she that every night she begged the moon to come closer and plant a kiss upon her lips. But the moon refused, turning its cratered face away from the woman.

Eventually however, the woman’s unrequited love became so loud and so frantic, that the moon decided to lean closer and kiss the woman so that he might silence her demands.

And silence her he did, for the movement of the moon beyond its allotted circumference caused such apocalyptic tidal upheaval that the woman drowned in an instant.

And the moon pulled back, a little embarrassed.

Photo by Alexandria Somirs


Material Phase

Illustration by Sofia Nikitaki

By Alexandria Somirs

Things of a feather are flighty and proud,

Things of cement stay on top and below,

Both things are needed to un-haze all clouds.

Faith goes much deeper than what it sows,

Illusion shrouds our own artsy reflection.

Seeking balance,

Needing balance,

Our faithful cement needs our doubtful – hope.

Our human reflection needs our faithful sense

We wash ourselves with material soap,

Un-scraping the dirt from our lashy lens.

Seeking love,

Needing love,

A heart unchecked is a heart unbroken,

But happiness is more than just endless,

For happy to be, bitter must be spoken.

For as soon as feelings collide,

They’ll leave you breathless inside.

Seeking patience,

Needing patience,

Chasing desires on material roads,

Will bring about our spiritual foes.

Instead rest awhile in dark alleyways,

And sing yourself out of your material phase.