At Home in Mowbray

By Sebastian Temlett

                                                             She visited my room today

Falling gently on my wallF1060026 (2)

She touches my sheets, my skin

Complete and soft in her embrace

Allowing for the hard shadows

That spring up behind each

Lump and bump

Each imperfection

                                                                  The texture of lives

She has passed through cloudF1040002

Thick and set

And below, each rising

Wisp before the mountain face

Extends a ghostly arm

In plaintive plea

Then snarls into monstrosity

As its vapours find their end

and trail out


And swallows dance their belies full

Above powerlines and hard edged roofs

As people hole up inside

With stucco hearts and

Lonely conversation


And she emerges as she falls

So gently on my pillow now

As it begins to rain outside

Photo by Sebastian Temlett


The Otherness of God

By Alexandria Somirs

Outside of what lies in,
beyond the scope of touch
we inner beings have
not one way of seeing
this uncharted being.
All our scripts of real
and imagery land on
some field of equated rippling
while multi-shapes
of other swim past
from age old energy.
This rim of unknown tongue,
sings lyric of quiet existence.
Unheard and untouched by
our small naturedness,
we walk through time,
deaf and blind, from worlds
beyond our realms of mind.
We may try with might and heart
to simplify this other’s dot-filled complexity.
But this world far beyond man’s mind
and soul is but a hard-core star
shining through snow’s indigo patterns.
Our sweet but tainted unother,
is but split from what we call other.

Photo by Johnatan Somirs