By Sebastian Temlett

Have you checked everywhere?
Where did you leave it last?
Buried deep, tightly clenched
Beneath your heart?

The doctor says there’s nothing wrong
The doctor says
To do with if I am all right Read More


The Lover and the Moon

By Callum Dawson 

There once was a woman who fell in love with the moon.

So besotted was she that every night she begged the moon to come closer and plant a kiss upon her lips. But the moon refused, turning its cratered face away from the woman.

Eventually however, the woman’s unrequited love became so loud and so frantic, that the moon decided to lean closer and kiss the woman so that he might silence her demands.

And silence her he did, for the movement of the moon beyond its allotted circumference caused such apocalyptic tidal upheaval that the woman drowned in an instant.

And the moon pulled back, a little embarrassed.

Photo by Alexandria Somirs



By Sebastian Temlett

Upon a heavy street, heavy


my feet

heavy there, lies, alone

heavy thoughts

upon the ground they fall, heavy

eyes, they search

and turn within my



to find

my tears that do not



Photo by Sebastian Temlett

Lest We Forget

By Alexandria Somirs

History speaks through crossroads and mighty old foes,

As Death’s roots cracks his grim chalk sigh,

And etches his hand on firestone walls.

His rows of marble white teeth,

Jaw up and down on our cratered battle scars,

War paints an un-coloured face,

Of dark – set wrinkles and light shaded freckles.

Both wrinkle and freckle together,

Make for an ugly taste.

Digging through soils of graves,

Where few modern day faces,

Breath in poetic yearning from lonely trenches,

Battered pens throw thought – wrenches,

Into history’s habit of repeating,

While jaws of graves of a thousand more bodies,

Sadly sigh and yearn these words of….

“Lest we forget”

Photo by Alexandria Somirs