The 4th Anthology of PWL…


Take something you stopped working on. Something unfinished. Take a part of it and make it a whole. Take it in a different direction. Take an unimportant detail and make it everything. Take the characters and change the setting. Take the setting and change the circumstance. Or simply finish it.
Find the skeletons in your closet and make them dance again.
Submissions due by the death-knell pealing of the midnight bell on Halloween (Oct. 31 for you un-heathens).

A dream steps in

By Alexandria Somirs

A dream steps in,
And breathes right out,

Once inside, the haze spills over,

It pulls me in, like a thunder roll.

I run, I charge

I grab what clothes,

To hold me over.

From the fire that hides just under,

From the ice that soars just over,

From the danger that still sleeps in,

From the day that still lies by.

I grow weary from breathing in,

Stepping in, is a face that smiles,

But it’s a mask that day slips on.

And it’s the night that takes it off.

A dream steps in,
And breaths right out.

Painting by Salvador Dalí



 “Talisman – anything whose presence exercises a remarkable or powerful influence on human feelings or actions”

Some say its magic is given, not inherent. Some say it must be created by the person who used it. Some say they are only made for one purpose. Some say it is imbued with the force it represents. Some say it is medicinal. Some say it comes from the words meant to say “to complete the ritual”.

What it is is what you grasp to get you through. It is here to stand for something else. It is the symbol, though of what you don’t know. It has power – to you, through you, for you, over you…you decide. Or does it?