Erhu Guy

By Katelynne Davis

“It hurts my feet less to be here. I think it may be because this was all marsh, once. Used to be part of the ocean, and it’s still there a little bit. I can hear it, feel it singing to me through the streets. I’m lucky in that respect, I guess.”

She was sitting on the bench provided for tired commuters to wait for their appropriate Green Line train. Her shoes stood together, a faithful pair, just underneath. A drum half shrugged its bag and leaned moodly against the sign depicting a strange cepholopidic creature with red, green, orange and blue appendages.

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The Change (Cambiarse)

By Sara Rich 

Inspired by true events, as reported to AP by Olga R. Rodriguez, January 7, 2013 at 11:50pm ET, from Mexico City.

That first night, Maria took her dog to the park on top the hill. It was a new moon, and the sky to the east was black. To the west, the sun was almost done setting behind a few thick clouds. Maria and Chucho walked up the hill where there was an open field. Families liked to picnic there in the summers, before it got too hot in the afternoons. The young couples liked to come up there late at night and grope each other. That time of night though, the air was cooler and the park was usually empty. Too late for picnics and too early for fooling around.

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The Round Bodies

By Jenni Bisset

My job is not what you’d expect. My name is Poppy Danther and I’ve helped fourteen people lose weight. I wouldn’t call myself an amateur in this profession. So how did I get this job and how does it work? Really, you’d have to ask my diaries that.

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The Way Back Home

By Amedeus Somirs

Watching the yellow-orange bangs sweep past me overhead, all along walking away from the fire in the sky.

Ahead….lay paths and ways yet to be unveiled, the further I go the darker it gets, as the sun sinks beneath the horizon.

Still curious,…I decide to go on.

Fields on the right of me and vineyards on the left of me, and up ahead hang overhead wires between metal monsters. As I pass underneath them, I pause for a moment and hear a loud buzzing sound, as if …to warn me to move along and not stay for too long…and so I go on.

What I was looking for was a sign or a street to tell me where I was and how far I had gone. On top a hill, just a bit further down the country road, I could see in the distance, lights from a distant village. Intrigued of what may lay there I went on into the ever darker path ahead. Finally I came to a crossroads and on the sign it said the name of the village.


I turned back and to my amazement there was still light in the sky. With my two faithful companions at hand we went back,…direction home. Daytime grew smaller and smaller as I stood watching the last of the daylight drain from the sky. Meanwhile, behind me more and more twinkling gems where unveiling themselves from the darkening heavens. Almost home, and the only light now that shines down from above is that of a sliver of moon,…

just bright enough to give me a shadow.


Photo by Alexandria Somirs

Urban Mythology anthology: Call for Submissions

‘Urban Mythology’ is officially open for all creative submissions!!

All submissions are welcome to our inbox at

Deadline: 31st of May 2016

Details of our anthology can be found below!

IMG_3122 (1)

By Sara Rich

​‘Once upon a time…” and so one of the many classical stories by the Brothers Grimm begins. The damsel in distress, the witch, the evil sorcerer, the white knight on his white steed, the hero, and the predictable happy ending – all these elements make for a dependable story for those young children who haven’t had enough experience in the world to find them boring. However, in our ‘Urban Mythology’ anthology we are looking for something outside the realms of a predictable dark, wood and the classical climax of a children’s story. We are looking for short stories, poetry, prose, scripts, illustrations and photos that capture our modern, urban society of today. The trolls that lurk on our Facebook pages, the evil sorcerers of high street society, the dark illusions of make-shift mirrors and cheap fashionable stores, philosophies of a Utopian society are examples of elements you can take into our theme of urban mythologies. Moreover local urban legends may also play an inspirational role in creating your new found myth. We’re looking for stories in fairytale, myth, legend or folklore fashion to capture your story into an urban setting – based on your hometown, a fictional or nonfictional city.


Take an urban setting real or fictional and create a short-story, poem, prose, script, film – video or an illustration based on a fairytale, myth, legend or fable that you’ve created. All genres are welcome!


31st of May 2016

Featured photo by Sofia Nikitaki