Ritually Weird Anthology

Cold Love
by Katelynne Davis Shimkus
“In the fridge of winter…”
I’m Already Yours
by Nick Bottesini
“It’s weird…”
The God of the Forest
by Callum Dawson
“Hello everyone, my name is Callum, most of your either know me or know of me…”
One Day
by April Capili
“February will become an ordinary month…”
by Nikki Jin-Bo Li
“It was on a rainy day that she said no…”
by Callum Dawson
Particles of Feelings
by Irinia Diacenco
“A dark night with no stars, half a strawberry, a glass of milk after a day of alcohol intake, a cigarette on a rooftop at dawn…”
Vivat Famiglia
by Nick Bottesini
“I dare to believe in the badass…”
Poetic Heart
by Alexandria Somirs
“From start to end this slow beating drum…”
Nighttime Slumber
by Alexandria Somirs
“Yawning into nighttime slumber…”
by Irinia Diacenco
“Strong, black coffee on a frosty November day…”
The Traveller’s Coat
by Callum Dawson
“I traveled to Ireland recently and it was there that I fell in love…”
Elemental Sense
by Alexandria Somirs
“Let’s start at the end and make our way back…”
by Callum Dawson
“I am He…”
The Three Virtues
by Callum Dawson
Tsim Tsum
by Callum Dawson
“Divine nature breathes inward…”

Unusual Fairytale, Origin Unknown
by Katelynne Davis Shimkus
“Every year before she passed, my grandmother would take me to the island of museums in the capital city…”
The Otherness of God
by Alexandria Somirs
“Outside of what lies in…”
Discovering the Night
by Irina Diacenco
“Kind caresses and blind guesses…”
Foggy Dream
by Alexandria Somirs
“Eyeing up thoughtfully to morning light…”

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